Odontologist Job Description

May 3, 2011

When we are conducting researches there are many things to consider. It depends on what and how the crimes or historical remains are done. Every day when we open our televisions or radios we always hear and see different kinds of crimes. Scientists or archeologists discover something new like fossil remains that is difficult to […]

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Ombudsman Job Description

April 28, 2011

Whether you are in a college, medical or government facility, an ombudsman is present. However, some people are still unfamiliar about the duties of an ombudsman. Below is the information to read regarding the job description of an ombudsman. What is an ombudsman? An ombudsman is a person who provides neutral and confidential assistance to […]

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Notary Job Description

April 26, 2011

People may encounter a notary public or notary on a regular basis. However, few people are aware on the services that notary publics can provide. The job description of a notary or notary public is more than just stamping or signing documents as there are several functions that notary public is capable of doing. What […]

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Military Job Description

April 25, 2011

When a woman or a man enlists as military, roles and responsibilities may differ depending on the area, department and unit in which the person is assigned. Some fields in the wide arena of military are Special Forces, legal services, engineering, signals, infantry, air defense or field artillery. What is a military? The term military […]

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Lobbyist Job Description

April 20, 2011

You may be amazed on how legislators seem to know everything about a law or other topics related to it, but the truth is they don’t know everything. That is why they would hire a Lobbyist to help them with this. They inform legislators on the things they need to know about a public issue […]

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Legal Counsel Job Description

April 18, 2011

Ignorance of the law excuses no one. Even an ordinary people should know his rights and limitations. That is why law is created. When it comes to legal matters, the one person that we can turn to is the legal counsel. Who are they anyway? Let’s get to know them better. What is a Legal […]

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Law Firm Partner Job Description

April 14, 2011

If you happen to visit a law firm, you will see several staff and clerk on different tables. Each of them has different duties in administrative works to help protect the legal rights of each person. What is a law firm partner? A law firm partner runs the daily administrative services of a law firm. […]

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Law Professor Job Description

April 14, 2011

It’s on law professors where great and commendable lawyers rise; their teachings and advises take part in making the most demandable advocates of all time. Law professors are formerly lawyers that chose the career of teaching and sharing their acquired knowledge to ever aspiring students that wants to become advocates of justice in the years […]

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Judicial Clerk Job Description

April 12, 2011

In today’s chaotic world, judicial clerks play an important role in helping legal tasks and court proceedings for lawyers and judges. However, vast people are still unaware of the specific roles and responsibilities of judicial clerks. What is a judicial clerk? A judicial clerk is a legal professional who assists and serves judiciaries in any […]

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Judge Job Description

April 11, 2011

In contemporary society, a lot of crime incidents happen in various parts of the world. Fair trials and hearings in a courtroom should be established well in order to protect and safeguard the rights of each person in a legal way. What is a judge? Judge have crucial task when it comes to safeguarding the […]

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